I wanted natural-looking lip filler and ended up with a disaster pout that’s a bumpy mess – I’ll never get it done again | The Sun

SO long as you do your research and go to a qualified practitioner, lip filler can be a great option to give you a fuller pout.

But occasionally, it can go very wrong – as one poor TikTok user recently found out the hard way. 

Georgia Fox, who posts using the handle @GeorgiaFoxx11, is a stunning influencer who regularly shares everything from outfit advice to hair tutorials with her 56k followers. 

And in a video that racked up more than 130k views, she explained to viewers why a botch job has left her wary about having her lips plumped again. 

The clip began with a fresh-faced, natural Georgia posing in front of the camera, which she’d captioned: “Why don’t you get your lips done again?” 

The video then jumps to a shot of the blonde bombshell after previously having the treatment, featuring her lips looking unbelievably swollen and sore. 

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The top of her pout also appeared much larger than the bottom, and there seemed to be big bumps of filler that had accumulated in certain places. 

“This is why,” the influencer clarified, adding another video of her showing off her pout post-filler. 

Again, her top lip appeared too over-filled, meaning it protruded out giving the dreaded duck-pout effect. 

Georgia shared a final clip once again proving her top lip had been injected with far too much filler, distorting the gorgeous cupid’s bow she had naturally and giving an incredibly swollen, uncomfortable look. 

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The unfortunate influencer shared the video alongside the hashtags “lip filler gone wrong” and “bad filler”. 

But judging by the stunning fashionista’s recent clips, she either had the dodgy job resolved or the swelling resolved itself naturally. 

Judging by her caption, however, she’s not been too eager to get back in the practitioner’s chair since. 

If you find yourself unhappy after having filler, remember that some side effects like bruising and small bumps can take five days to resolve themselves, so you’ll need to wait a little while until you see the final result.

If you’re still not happy, book an appointment with a qualified practitioner who can help you should you want to get the filler dissolved. 

And remember, if you think you could be having an allergic reaction to the product, seek help from a medical professional immediately.

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