I went to get my hair done for my wedding but it was a total fail – when I got home I kept finding stuff in it too | The Sun

EVERY bride wants their special day to go perfectly.

From the venue, to the outfits and getting dolled up – no person getting married wants it to go wrong.

And this was no different for Tara. 

But things went bad when she tried to look for someone to do her hair for her wedding rehearsal dinner. 

Taking to social media, the bride revealed how a hair stylist left her having to spend hours on her hair to try and sort it out. 

Tara, who goes by the name of tara_wrist on TikTok, revealed how her usual hairdressers were busy, so instead she went to a local place near her home. 


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In a video, she said: “I got married last weekend, and I decided on Saturday for the rehearsal dinner.

“So I was looking at lots of places, everywhere was busy, it was a Saturday and so I found some little place by the house.”

Tara first starts off by showing a picture of a model who has had her hair curled. 

Talking about the style, she says: “Big, pretty, voluptuous, curls, gorgeous.”

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She then shows a picture of the results.

Tara adds: “Mind you, it took her an hour and a half for this.

"And that is not including washing and blow drying because she said I didn’t need a wash or a blow dry.”

Tara then got home, and took another picture of her hair, but showing the back this time.

She adds: “I literally found three metal clips lost in this.” 

Tara then shows her final wedding hair picture after having to fix it.

She says: “And it ended up looking like this after about an hour of doing everything I could in my power to save it.” 

She captioned the video: “Was $30, yes I tipped her & no I didn’t say anything because I had 0 faith left in her abilities.”

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “Not every stylist specialises in special occasion hair. You have to do your research, pre-book & plan these things.”

To which someone else replied: “Or the stylist could say it’s not what she’s best at and warn her.”

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Another added: “Okay but the end result when you fix it looks great.”

A third wrote: “Honestly, it's your fault for not researching, pre-booking, and not waiting till the day of.”

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