I went to the salon to get a root touch up… they fried my bum-length hair so badly I had to cut it all off

A WOMAN explained how she walked into a salon for a simple root touch up and left with almost no hair. 

Liz shared a transformation video with her followers and it was only supposed to show off her fresh blonde hair, but she didn’t expect to be ending the video with a pixie cut.

She said: “Went to the salon thinking I was going to get a root touch-up.”

Liz is a model and needed her hair to be perfect for a busy week of bookings.

She explained: “It was two days before New York fashion week. I was already confirmed to walk in four shows.”

She later explained that she needed her hair to be “perfect” for these runway shows, so the stakes were high when things went terribly wrong.

She said: “It was going well until I went to a new salon and they melted my hair off. This was what I was left with.”

In the video, she then showed off her new super short hair cut.

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Detailing the ordeal, Liz said the salon was “really highly rated” and “high end”, but she knew something had gone wrong halfway through the appointment.

During the bleaching session, the hairdresser looked at Liz’s hair and said: “The back is shredded.”

At this stage, Liz claimed the hairdresser went outside to cry and then came back in and revealed she would have to cut off all of Liz’s hair.

Upon leaving the appointment, Liz had lost most of her luscious locks and had to think fast to make sure she was presentable for her fashion week shows.

In another explainer post, she assured followers that she was able to walk the catwalk – but she wasn’t happy with her final look. 

"I had a few shows for fashion week and I ended up doing them all with the extensions in. It didn't look great but whatever it worked", Liz concluded.

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