I'll do anything to make my AAA boobs look bigger & it works – trolls say they look unnatural & painful but I don’t care | The Sun

A WOMAN has been trolled after revealing the drastic measures she's ready to take in order to give her AAA boobs more volume.

Like all things in life, breasts come in different shapes and sizes, each one of which is worthy of being celebrated.

One woman who's been blessed with a smaller cup is Lisa Banks, from Australia, also known as 'Your Itty Bitty Girl' on TikTok.

But although the stunning Aussie is now teaching her 205k fans to embrace their natural beauty and body, there are days when she wants to give her chest a more voluptuous appearance.

For this, Lisa demonstrated in a video on social media, she has to follow a certain routine.

First, the young woman began by wearing a bra with extra tight clasps in the middle.


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This nifty trick pushed the AAA boobs closer together, making for a fuller set of breasts.

However, Lisa did not stop there – she then grabbed a contour stick and carefully went over her chest.

To give it a more natural look, the Aussie fashionista made sure to blend it out in an upwards motion, the clip showed.

But despite thinking the makeover was totally worth it, people online were of a slightly different opinion.

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Unfortunately for Lisa, most social media users insisted the methods were too drastic and would cause discomfort.

''that looks painful,'' thought one critic, with over 14.5k others liking the comment.

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Another agreed, writing: ''it looks unnatural when u squish it like that.''

''they definitely are gonna know,'' someone else was convinced Lisa wouldn't be able to fool anyone with her hack.

Meanwhile, others urged the young woman to learn to embrace her flat chest.

''Noo they cute! You don’t need to make them seem bigger you’re beautiful either way!'' a fan said.

''Sometimes nothing is more girl leave them things alone,'' a TikTok fan added.

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