I’m a bikini model & look so hot on the beach – then they realise I’m missing my front teeth and call me a total catfish | The Sun

A WOMAN with missing front teeth has revealed how's she fought back against catfishing claims to become a BIKINI MODEL – and we think she looks amazing.

Lily Magno frequently shares videos of herself before she's put her false teeth in, in order to highlight the difference.

And now she's shared a YouTube video in which she flaunts her amazing figure in a whole host of bikinis.

Lily, 25, from Lavalette, New Jersey, who lost her teeth in a skateboarding accident in 2017 revealed she's working on becoming a model.

And she's shared YouTube and TikTok videos of her taking her teeth out and 'catfishing' people. "Stupid boy thinks that I need him," she teased in one video, presumably in reference to men not realising she wore fake teeth.

In one TikTok video she lip-synced into the camera without her front teeth in and then showed a shot of herself all glammed up.

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She uploaded the video with the caption: "We all win #embracethegap."

She also regularly shares videos showing what she looks like without her false teeth in place.

Fans were quick to comment on the brave and honest videos.

One said: "Wow you are so gorgeous you are not even close to a catfish."

Another said: "You so pretty I think ur pretty either way!!"

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One of her followers even went as far as to say: "When ever I watch ur TikToks I kinda wish I didn’t have teeth like you."

To which the influencer replied: "Haha, nah keep those pearly whites."

But despite some discouraging messages about her teeth, Lilyy remains positive and doesn't let either the teeth or the comments bother her.

The influencer and model did share that there is something really annoying about the false teeth. She confided in fans that the only time the teeth bother her is when bits get caught in the gaps.

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