I’m a cleaning expert – the newspaper hack I swear by which makes cleaning your kitchen cupboards a doddle

WE bet we’re not the only ones who have discovered dust on the top of our kitchen cabinets where it’s hard to reach to clean. 

But now a cleaning expert has revealed the cheap and easy way to ensure this is a thing of the past.

Cleanfluencer Chantel Mila, best known as @mama_mila_, revealed the top three home hacks she says cleaning fans will wish they’d tried sooner.

The first tackles the frustrating issue of dust settling on top of the kitchen cupboards – and how you can stop it for good using just a newspaper. 

Showing how she gathers leftover sheets of newspaper, Chantel then stretches up and places them right at the top of the cabinets. 

Alongside the video, the social media star then writes: “Line tall shelving with newspaper to prevent dust settling for longer.” 

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Other cleaning fans said they loved the look of the easy to follow technique and would be incorporating it into their day to day routine. 

One wrote in the comment section: “The first one looks amazing.” A second said: “I like the newspaper hack.” 

A third added that it was “genius” and that you could also use tin foil to create the same results.

Meanwhile, others said they had also been following the method for a while and vouched that it works a treat.

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The video also included two other helpful home hacks, created to make your life easier and change your cleaning routine. 

One includes using office file racks to help organise pot lids and keep them in place.

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While the other sees Chantel buffing her oven door with buff shaving cream to create a “streak-free” shine. 

The tips and tricks video has already amassed 30,000 likes and counting, with many of her 862,800 followers saying they can’t wait to hear more of her home hacks. 

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