I'm a dietitian… if you struggle with bloating, add these 7 foods to your next shop – ALL of them cost less than £1

IF you are someone who struggles with bloating, then the festive season can be something of a nightmare.

But when you go shopping for your turkey and yorkshire puddings, you might also want to stock up on these seven foods – all of which have been scientifically proven to help reduce bloating.

According to dietitian Rachel Link, avocados should be at the very top of your shopping list.

As well as being full of vitamins C and K and potassium, these fruits are high in fibre “which moves slowly through your digestive tract to support regularity and help prevent constipation and bloating”, Rachel explained.

If you aren’t an avocado fan, why not try an apple?

As well as having a high water content and being rich in potassium, they also contain a soluble fibre called pectin, which “can accelerate the movement of food as it passes through your digestive tract to treat constipation and bloating”. 

Cucumbers are also a good choice, as they contain around 95 per cent water.

"Foods with a high water content can help ensure you stay hydrated and meet your daily fluid needs," Rachel added.

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"This may prevent water retention and alleviate bloating caused by dehydration."

Another high water content vegetable is celery, which also contains mannitol, a “type of sugar alcohol that softens stools to promote regularity by pulling water into the digestive tract”.

In addition, the root of the celery is a natural diuretic, so it’s brilliant to helping to get rid of excess sodium from your body – thereby alleviating bloating. 

If you’re more of a fruit fan than a veggie one, then pineapple could be the key to help your bloating.

As well as being packed full of vitamin C, manganese and B vitamins, it contains bromelain – an enzyme which has been used for years to help treat digestive disorders. 

“In some studies, bromelain has been shown to fight inflammation, which improves issues like bloating and swelling,” Rachel continued. 

In addition to being a brilliant natural way of helping you sleep, kiwis can also help reduce bloating. 

“Kiwis contain actinidin – an enzyme shown to improve digestion and speed stomach emptying in some animal studies,” Rachel said. 

Lastly, pick up some bananas the next time you hit the supermarket.

"As well as being an excellent source of fibre, bananas are rich in potassium, which can help support a healthy fluid balance and may prevent bloating and water retention," Rachel concluded.

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