I'm a DIY pro – turn your old T-shirts into a shopping essential without any sewing | The Sun

HAVE you ever looked at an old T-shirt and thought about throwing it away, but you still like the look of it?

If you've outgrown an old tee but aren't ready to let it go, then one DIYer has an easy solution for you.

All you need for this sustainable fashion hack is your old T-shirt and a pair of scissors, according to What's Up Moms.

The YouTube channel gave a tutorial on how to convert your old T-shirts into fashionable tote bags.

Laying the T-shirt on a flat surface, fold it down the middle so that the sleeves line up.

Cut along the sleeves so that your tee now looks like a tank top.

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Once this is done, turn your tee inside out.

From the bottom of your shirt, cut a series of 3-inch slits along the hem, leaving a distance of about 1/2 an inch between each.

Then, tie each slit together from the front and the back of the shirt.

This will leave small gaps between each knot.

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To close these, take the top end of the first knot and tie it with the corresponding bottom end of the next knot.

Carry on this pattern until all ends have been looped together.

Double-knot the knot on either end to enforce the strength of your bag.

Turn your former shirt inside out, so as to hide the knots and you've done it.

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Your DIY tote bag is complete and ready for use!

The idea seemed to be a hit among viewers, with one user writing: "This was so cute! I'm thinking it would be fun to do with an old Mickey Mouse t-shirt for our next trip to Disney world!"

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