I’m a gym girl – I showed off what I wear to workout and everyone’s admiring my ‘nice build’ | The Sun

BECAUSE the gym is a place we go to better ourselves, we should be able to wear whatever makes us feel good.

One fitness fanatic named Patty said the clothes that she wears to the gym isn’t the norm – but she knows she looks good.

Posting to TikTok (@leanbeefpatty), Patty revealed her exercise outfit of choice to her followers.

While in the gym bathroom, she stared into the camera intently so that only her face was in the frame.

She had her short hair and bangs ironed straight, and kept her round eyeglasses on.  

When she stood up and backed away, the overhead lights flashed above her body and the camera captured her look in full: She wore a fitted, black long-sleeve turtleneck and baggy blue cargo pants with sneakers.

“Street wear in the gym is OP,” she said, later clarifying that “OP” means “overpowered.”  

Clearly, Patty knew she had style because she posed confidently as she flexed her arms.

Because the turtleneck was tight and cropped, her muscular upper body and her six-pack were on display.

When she turned around, she flaunted her toned and lifted butt too.

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Admiring the lighting that complimented her look, she jokingly captioned the clip: “The light was a paid actor.”

Viewers seemed to like her vibe as well, because the video received nearly 700k views and hundreds of comments of praise.

“I swear this video gives me so much motivation,” one person wrote.

“Crazy build,” added another.

“Cool as always,” a third chimed in.

And a fourth pointed out her animated doppelgänger: “Kim Possible: gym edition. Beautiful.”

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