I'm a gypsy mum – the 99p product for getting stains out of my daughter's white tops…& it’s NOT from the cleaning aisle | The Sun

WHEN it comes to washing, we've all got our own miracle products we swear-by for removing those stubborn stains from white tops.

But according to one gypsy mum named Shannon, who regularly shares her top tips under the hashtag #gypsycleanwithme, there's a bargain buy that's perfect for doing the job – and it's not something you can pick up in the cleaning aisle.

Instead, the social media user recommends purchasing baby sterilising fluid, which can be bought online for as little as 99p.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@shannonxlennyjames), Shannon, who favours 'Dr. Johnson's Sterilising Fluid,' begins by explaining: "I wash all my towels and me flannels, the baby's pants and socks and all the vests and everything on a 90°or 60° for two hours, because I think they come out better.

"The longer and hotter you wash something, with white stuff anyway, the better it's going to come out."

The cleaning whizz goes on to say that if something has a bad stain on it, she'll either rub it with the Vanish soap bars or will put 'Oxy Active stain remover on it.'



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She continues: "If I do think they've gone a bit grungy, then I might put a bit of sterilising liquid in them."

Shannon also highlights the importance of separating your washing as well, so whites go in with whites, colours go in with colours and darks go in with darks.


"Everything gets washed different," she says.

But stain removal isn't the only time Shannon advises using sterilising liquid…she also uses it in her washing up bowl.

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In a second clip, she explains how she won't use bleach to wipe up with and continues: "I find it discolours things, it ruins things – it's just something I was never told to do.

"A bathroom yeah, but nothing else!

"I don't even really use bleach for a bathroom.

"The only thing I really use bleach for is my toilet and my outdoor doorstep and things like that…

"I'd rather use a disinfectant to wipe around with in the bucket and in my washing up bowl I won't use bleach in there either….I'll use baby sterilisied liquid."

The post has since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and several comments from very impressed social media users.

"That’s brilliant. Thanks very much for the tips," praised one.

A second enthused: "Sterilising liquid for the school polos are the best. I just soak them in kettled boiling water for a few hours before I wash. I do em on their own too."

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A third penned: "You have to learn what's the best way for you, everyone's different. I put Milton tabs in with me whites, but that's cos my boys shirts for school."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "When I wore white shirts for work (prison) I always always washed my shirts on a 90 with a squirt of Milton in, cos I always got foundation on neck."

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