I’m a hairdresser – there's eight ways customers annoy us instantly being on your phone is just rude | The Sun

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed the annoying things that customers do – so how many are you guilty of?

TikTok user @iconichairdressing shared the top eight things people do when they are in the salon chair, and it’s bad news if you love being on your phone.

The first person who rubs her up the wrong way is “the hair flipper”, when people constantly move their hair over their shoulder as they are being styled.

Next up are people who intensely watch staff when their hair is getting washed or think they are “drowning” with the water in the sink.

They also don’t like people who are “addicted to their phone” when their hair is getting washed or who constantly adjust in the sink chair. 

And those who are "runners" and get up for a wander also annoy them.

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Drama queens are also a no no, so are people who say “I’ll do myself” and grab the comb.

The video has been liked over 16,000 times, and people were quick to weigh in.

One person said: “the Adjuster?? ya that bowl is hard…Imma gonna adjust.”

Another hit back saying: “My guess people do all those things because of a stylist not doing a good washing or brushing etc.”

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However, and a third commented: “This is brilliant.”

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