I'm a 'lazy mom' – I refuse to fold my kids' clothes but I have my reasons

A MOM is doing what she wants when it comes to cleaning and organizing her home, and she doesn’t care who is offended.

The mother, named Mai Zimmy, shared a video showing her laundry hack – which involves not folding her children’s laundry at all – and it got mixed reviews.

“Laundry takes so much time and when you also have to do little children's laundry, it feels like it takes up your entire week,” she said in a TikTok video directed at her nearly 60,000 followers

“Truthfully, doing laundry isn’t that bad. 

“It’s the folding and putting clothes away that I really don’t like,” she continued. 

Mai then revealed that she therefore no longer puts unnecessary energy into her children’s laundry.  

“So my lazy mom hack is I just don’t fold my kid’s clothes anymore because truthfully my three-year-old could care less that I do not fold his clothes,” she explained.

However, she showed that she still puts everything away in its assigned place – just without being folded.

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“For example, all the T-shirts go in here,” she noted.

“This one has been sitting in the drawer in the no-fold method and their clothes don’t even get wrinkly, so who really cares that it’s not folded?”

She concluded that her method of getting laundry done saves time that can then be spent with her kids. 

In the caption of the video, Mai wrote that she understood her hack would “trigger” some people, and it certainly did. 

“My anxiety could never let me od this,” one TikToker commented under her video.

“I’m not buying the ‘no wrinkle’ part,” another concerned user wrote. 

However, many applauded her for doing what she feels is best. 

“Not lazy mum. Smart mum!!” one user exclaimed. 

Another admitted that she simply lets her clean laundry sit in a pile and takes from there until it’s time to wash her clothes again. 

There are several mothers on TikTok happy to share their parenting and organization hacks to help others who might find the tip useful. 

Another mom of several children previously posted to TikTok and explained how she uses a dot system to keep track of her boys’ laundry.

“I myself have multiple boys the same age and when it comes time for laundry, it can get really confusing, really fast [when keeping track of] who’s is who’s – especially when so much of them are the same,” she said before noting that she uses a “dot system.”

“One dot means it’s the oldest boy and when they no longer fit him, I hand it down to the second kid and I’ll add a second dot,” she explained. 

“And when I hand it down to the third child, I put a third dot.”

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