I'm a nail tech & this is what your manicure really says about your personality – & one screams you've got money | The Sun

A NAIL expert has revealed what your nail shape and design choice reveals about your personality.

So, do you agree?

Liv Mendoza, who posts under the acronym @livmendozaaaa, took to TikTok and posted a video which she captioned: "Whats your nails say about you?"

First up, she shares a snap of a long-stiletto shaped nail that's encrusted with red diamonds.

"OK you got money," Liv says.

"Not only could you afford the length, but the crystals too? You have got money."


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Next, she posts a snap of some very out-there, colourful animal-print nails, which are complete with stick on gems.

"If these are your nails, then you know how to have a good time!" the nail guru quips.

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Liv then moves onto short natural nails that are covered in dirt.

"You need to go wash…" she jokes.

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Moving on, the nail pro then posts an image of some stiletto shaped nails that have been painted a basic pale pink colour.

"You're living pay cheque to pay cheque but you're doing what you can to keep yourself together," the nail tech says.

Next on the hit list are long coffin-shaped nails which are emblazoned with glitter, floral and crystal designs.

"If you've got these nails you're getting tricked on because you ain't paying for these!"

Then there's the short, pink stiletto-shaped nails.

"If these are your nails it's probably because of your profession and you really wish you could step your nail game up!" she says.

For anyone with bold red coffin-shaped nails, Liv quips: "You're a sexy motherf*****."

And finally, she ends with a set of milky-white coloured coffin-shaped nails.

"If these are your nails you probably don't get your nails done often and you just went with the milky white to be on the safe side," she says.

The video has since gone viral, garnering over 2.2 million views and endless comments.

"My nails say I gotta pay for food and gas so I can get to work to pay for the food and gas," quipped one social media user.

A second penned: "I feel personally attacked with the paycheck to paycheck nails."

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A third commented: "Lmaooooo my milky white nails get done every 2 weeks by my girl that comes to the house."

Meanwhile, a fourth added; "I am the one with the profession wishing I could step it up lol."

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