I’m a professional headlice remover & NEVER use lotions to get rid of nits – these grim pictures show why

A SELF-CONFESSED "nit lady" who professionally removes lice from people's heads, explained why you shouldn't bother with lotions to remove nits.

Sherrii, a mum-of-four from Perth, shared a shocking video of pictures showing the harmful effects of the chemicals on some people's heads.

Posting on TikTok, she uploaded the video with advice about best practice for beating the pesky bugs.

She posted the grim images with the caption: "When people ask why I don’t use any lice lotions I recall cases like these. Why risk your family reacting like this."

But for people who have used a lotion and have had a horrible reaction, Sherrii reassures them, that it can be fixed.

She said: "It's amazing how fast they heal when you stop using horrible lice lotions."

Sherrii then explained her preferred method of banishing the bugs.

She said: "I don't even use a conditioner on a scalp like this. Just water and a metal handle metal toothed nit comb."


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