I'm a professional home organiser and there are three mistakes people ALWAYS make when trying to clean their house

THERE'S nothing quite like a super organised home, but sometimes the transition process can be overwhelming.

A professional home organiser has revealed the three mistakes people often make while transforming their pad and let's just say we're all guilty of them.

The home guru who shares her tips on TikTok under the name StyledNeatly, revealed the three things we should avoid doing.

The first, she said, is to avoid tackling the entire home at once as it can make the job seem way harder.

Instead, try one room at a time which makes it more bearable.


And while stocking up on baskets, tubs and containers could give you the motivation you need, the pro organiser says not to do it.

Always have a plan on how you're going to use them first which can also save you money.

Lastly, the woman says: "Don't give up if it's taking longer than you expect it to."

This is a sure-fire way to end up with more mess than you started with so always see it through to the end.

Many people took to the comments to admit they are definitely guilty of doing all three.

"Ok, I need a comprehensive plan on how not to do all those things I definitely do," one said.

Another agreed saying: "lol it's like you were reading my mind."

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