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REAL estate agents certainly know a thing or two when it comes to making a home look presentable.

One tip from an agent will have your wooden floors shining like new with minimal effort.

A cleanfluener, who goes by the anonymous name Mrs. Messy on TikTok, shared in a video a secret real estate agent friend had told her.

She wrote: "When real estate agents try to sell your home, they do this trick with laminate and wooden floors to make them look scratch-free and looking new."

In the video, Mrs. Messy used Pledge Floor Gloss, which can be bought for $8.72,all over her floors, then went over it with her mop.

After mopping, the cleaning pro waited 30 minutes and was impressed by the final results.

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"Oh wow! It worked on my 7-year-old laminate floors," she wrote.

In the comments section, Mrs. Messy added clearer instructions: "First step: mop the floors, second step: apply two coats."

Some in the comment section had tried Mrs. Messy's wooden floors trick and were left impressed themselves.

One wrote: "I did this and my house was only listed for 17 hrs before under contract."

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Another contended: "I’m a realtor and do this every time on laminate. Cheap floors get cheap fix."

Someone else added: "I was told to use fabric softener. No way!"

Meanwhile, others had a few issues with Mrs. Messy's tip.

One warned: "Don't do it!"

"This puts a temporary gummy layer that prevents floors from getting clean until the layer is painstakingly removed."

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