I'm a savvy shopper- the items you need to buy in Aldi, B&M & Lidl to save cash

WHEN it comes to the weekly shop we all love to bag a bargain or two, but most of us will buy everything from one store.

While this is the most time-efficient method, it does mean you could be missing out on some serious savings.

In fact, by mixing it up and shopping around in the likes of Aldi, Lidl, Poundland, B&M and Savers for certain products and keeping an eye on the offers of the week, you'd be surprised how much you can save.

Here, George Waterhouse from The YOKO Club – a go-to site for parents looking to save time, stress and money – shares the best places to shop for certain products to make sure you're getting a bargain…

Nappy days

Pampers prices vary from around £7 to £11 depending on the size and pack size, which adds up, especially when supermarket own-brand nappies are less than half price.

All prices depend on the size of the nappy, but Aldi's Mamia own brand size 4 nappies for example cost as little as £2.79 for a pack of 48.


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This is one of the most recommended own-brand nappies, as they don’t leak easily.

Lidl's Lupilu own brand nappies also cost around £2.80 per pack, for 48.

They perform pretty well according to the new parents we know and asked. 

Tesco's Fred and Flo nappies are also pretty popular with parents we know.

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The cost is around £2.99 for 48 nappies, but remember to check the Clubcard price and offers they sometimes have.

Asda's Little Angels cost around £3.25 for 48 nappies.

The quality seems to be on a par with other own-brand nappies.

Additionally, more and more parents are opting for reusable nappies due to the cost saving and more sustainable nature. 

Baby bargains

Other family items to purchase cheaper include medicines and kids' toiletries.

At the supermarket Calpol for example costs around £3.50, but it's £3.29 at Savers. 

Calpol Vapour Plug & Nightlight is a must-have for parents of snotty little ones.

Supermarket price in Sainsbury's is currently around £7, and only £5.29 in Savers.

Baby Dove moisturiser is £1.95 in Wilko, but only £1 in Poundland.

Cleaning up

Method is tried, tested, loved – it smells delicious and YOKO parents are big fans.

Around £3.50 at most supermarkets, Asda has a deal on at the minute for £3.

Fairy non-bio pods (45 washes) are normally around £12, and £9 currently at Wilko.

Eco-friendly? Seep is an eco-friendly parent-run brand that runs regular offers on its bundles. 

More money-saving tips

Here are George’s YOKO Club tips for saving cash on the family big shop:

  • Speak to other parents to see where they shop and the price. Parents help parents and always have great recommendations up their sleeves!
  • Write a list and stick to it…. It’s easier said than do, but it can save you a lot.
  • Split up your shop: Try not to get everything from one place, split up your shop (groceries from Asda or Lidl, toiletries from Savers, etc… can save a little that adds up to a lot!).
  • Boots parenting club, which is free to join, gets you extra points and discounts for families with children under five.
  • Shop own brand products. Nowadays almost all supermarkets have their own branded products that can be considerably cheaper than your normal go-to.
  • Use apps. One YOKO member told us about Olio, the free food and household sharing app.
  • There’s also Whatsin, that lets you know what's in your cupboards and fridge or freezer wherever you are, to avoid accidentally buying multiple of the same item.
  • Love Food Hate Waste portion calculator tells you exactly what you need to buy.
  • Bulk cook and then freeze essential items you can use in lots of meals, for example mashed potato or pasta sauce.

Dealer's choice

In terms of other deals and items shoppers should look for, B&Q has a 25 per cent sale on all outdoor play, garden furniture and barbecues until 6 June.

Check out B&M's regular Manager’s Specials on the website too.

They currently include 120 decaf Tetley tea bags for £2.29 – much lower than most other supermarkets.

Follow the Aldi Instagram and social channels to see latest special buys, for example earlier this month it included amazing deals on kids’ outdoor play equipment.

I also recommend checking out the Amazon warehouse discounts section of the website where you can save up to 50 per cent on returned or slightly damaged Amazon items – including household items and kids toys.

*All prices accurate at the time of publication and subject to change -please check individual store prices before purchasing.

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