I’m a size 26 and finally feel beautiful at 50 – I have to fight off toyboys, they love my curves | The Sun

A MUM has told how it took her until she was almost 50 to discover she was sexy – and younger guys love her.

Curvywoo weighs in at 20st and spent her whole life thinking she was overweight and unattractive.

But when her marriage fell apart after 18 years her pals persuaded her to try dating apps and she unlocked a whole new world.

She suddenly found herself having to fight off toyboys who couldn’t get enough of her size 26 curves.

Now she’s on a mission to get other women to embrace their bodies and looks – and accept that no one is ever past their prime.

The mother-of-two said: “I know I'm getting wrinkly, saggy and droopy. I'm aware I have brown age spots, increasingly greying hair and my facial mole seems to have spawned a baby.

“But I’ve discovered one of the sexiest traits in women is confidence. When I’m dating younger men that’s a word that comes up again and again.

“Believe you have value and you'll be valued in return. I’m going to see myself as a beautiful goddess until the day I die.

"That’s what I put out into the universe and that’s what I get back in return.”

Curvy confessed she spent decades hating her frizzy hair and saggy boobs, as well as her veiny skin that never tanned.

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She was forever in the friend zone and was the pal who dished out dating advice to men on how to get with other girls, rather than the one who was wanted.

After she tied the knot she said her husband was never great at compliments so she lost faith in her looks and femininity, especially after having kids in her late 30s after many years of trying. 

She has PCOS which affects fertility and being obese, so however much weight she lost through diet and exercise it always went back on again.

But everything changed when she gave dating websites a try for the first time.

She said: “That was when I found out I was one of those sought after unicorns – the mature BBW [big beautiful woman].

“Younger men,  beautiful younger men, thought I was stunning. At first I thought they were joking, playing with me.  But they weren't.

“I was told again and again that I was sexy. And I began to believe it.”

Curvy, from the West Midlands, discovered selfies were a powerful tool.

The body and look that she had struggled with for decades were suddenly getting more attention than she ever dreamed of.

She said: “I started taking photos of my face and body.

“I didn’t use filters but if I took them from the right angles I could get the looks I wanted.  It was a revelation. I started to find beauty in myself.

“I know a lot of people hate dating apps but for me they've been a miracle.

“I was able to send realistic pictures of my body so that before I've even met someone,  I already know that they find me attractive. It makes such a difference to my confidence.”

Curvy, now 52, is now in a relationship with a younger guy  who loves everything about her.

She said: “I'm currently the biggest I've ever been –  a size 26.

“That’s partly because an injury last year meant I had to stop going to the gym. And partly because my partner thinks I’m beautiful the way I am.

"I am starting to get my fitness levels back as I think that's important but I would never want to be less than a size 18/20 as I love my curves now and wouldn't want to be without them

"My boyfriend just loves me being a BBW though so I know he'll  think I'm beautiful even if I keep getting larger."

Curvy has notched up thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram as she puts across the message that no woman is ever past their prime and being larger than average doesn't mean you aren't sexy.

And after being approached by some firms to promote their stuff she could be set for a brand new career.

She said: “One of my favourite retailers is Molke, who make non-wired bras. I'm a 42K and I struggle to find bras that fit or that are comfortable

"I posted some content of myself wearing one of their bras and they instantly contacted me, asking if they could repost the images on their stories.

"Who knows?  I could end up being an underwear model at my age and size. It's a hilarious idea but it actually could happen.”

Curvy reckons she’s unlocked the secret to being happy, and urged others to find it too.

She said: “If you are with anyone who makes you feel like you are ugly or fat or old or just not good enough – start making plans to get free from that person.

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“If you are the one telling yourself those things, stop it right now! 

"You are worth so much more than that. You are a queen. You are a goddess. You are a fighter. You are a survivor. You are beautiful.”

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