I’m a traveller and even though I have a loo in my trailer I’ll never use it – plus other secrets from inside my caravan | The Sun

BASED on the caravan family holidays we went on as kids, we've always assumed that you can never really make a trailer look stylish and homely.

Well TikTok user Kellyann Holmes Varey is here to prove otherwise.

Earlier this month, the traveller wife gave her followers around her home in a viral video that's racked up over 93,000 views.

Along with a stunning covered outdoor seating area, the couple have a separate caravan for their kitchen, spacious grey dining area in their main trailer as well as a VERY Instagrammable plush velvet bedspread.

Unsurprisingly, Kelly was bombarded with questions about her and her husband's set-up which prompted her to film a follow-up video.

"Looks lovely," one viewer wrote. "But how do you live in it 24/7 as a couple?

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"I'd be worrying about rattling the ornaments each time I jumped up for a tea or toilet."

She explained: "I've got a caravan and there's a kitchen fitted in there as well as a washing machine and dryer.

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"All the cooking gets done in the caravan – I don't cook in the trailer itself."

Responding to queries about seating, Kelly continued: "As you can see, I've got loads of seats outside and obviously there's bunks in the trailer as well."

Most surprisingly of all, Kelly revealed that she doesn't ever use the loo next to her bedroom – opting for the one within the trailer park instead.

She explained: "99 per cent of travellers' places have got toilets and shower blocks – we don't use the toilets in the trailer itself.

"We never use them at all. Basically, the trailer just gets used as a bedroom – that's it.

Instead of using the bathroom for its intended purpose, Kelly added: "When my bedspread is not on display, I stack it in the shower room of the trailer and that just gets used as a cupboard."

"OMG your home is stunning," one viewer replied.

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Another added: "Wow, looks like a show home. Absolutely beautiful!"

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "I would love to live in that looks beautiful – I would give up my house for this!"

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