I’m an elegance pro – there are five things that make you look so cheap… you need to learn to iron properly for a start | The Sun

A STYLE expert has shared how to elevate your appearance in seconds by ditching five common mistakes – and it's time to start ironing your clothes properly.

Elegance coach Antonia Higham, from the UK, took to TikTok to reveal some of the most popular fashion and beauty no-nos to steer clear of.

According to the whizz, no matter how chic your clothing is, it's essential to look after it – and here, ironing is key.

In her video, Antonia insisted that creased clothing will cheapen your appearance in seconds.

If, however, you're not fond of this task, there are materials that require zero ironing, such as wool, denim, cashmere and polyester.

Just as important is ensuring your undergarments, such as bra, are not peeking through your blouse or dress.


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Advising her 469k fans on how to be more elegant, Antonia also urged the followers to keep their manicure neat.

She noted that one of the things that will downgrade your overall look are chipped nails with the varnish all over the place.

Before heading out, the style pro also advised to have a quick look at your hair – if it's greasy, either hop into the shower or apply some dry shampoo.

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Zoe Irwin, Colour and Trend Ambassador at Matrix, recently also explained how to use the product for maximum benefit.

“Dry shampoos are amazing for giving styles longevity after a blow dry.

''One of my top tips: on the night that you’ve given yourself a blow dry, spray horizontally from the nape of the hair in 6cm sections, massage it in and then sleep in it.

''As you’re sleeping it keeps your roots fresh and absorbs any oil.”

Last but certainly not least, the pro insisted that it's not just what you wear that makes all the difference – your habits, such as the way you speak, are just as important.

Foul language, she noted, has to be avoided at all costs.

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