I'm an interior design expert – my simple tip will make any basic room appear more captivating to visitors | The Sun

AN INTERIOR design expert has a simple tip that will make any basic room appear more captivating to visitors.

Julie Sousa, known as @the_avantgarde on TikTok, said mixing warm and cool textures is key.

She said warm textures are things like wood, textiles, bamboo, and clay.

Cool textures are concrete, glass, metal, and stone.

"I like the clear glass shades," one commenter said.

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"Design is pretty much just an opinion."

"If you prefer a minimalist look, don't do this haha" another person shot back.

"You don’t have to use those shades haha."

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"Across all of that art, to explain why we are so fascinated with them. Those patterns are the very principles of design," Sousa explained.

"The key to making rooms look interesting is placing objects with opposing qualities next to each other, such as adding wood or woven materials into a bathroom or pairing wood with concrete, " she said.

"In design, this is called juxtaposition and it's critical to creating interest."

But other commentators were more grateful for the advice.

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"You just made my life so much easier for some choices I have to make," one said.

"You learn something new every day, thanks for this info!"

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