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WITH each new season comes the urge to rid your home of all the unnecessary stuff that has been jammed in the back of your closet.

Summer calls for light clothes and an airy home—so it’s time to start decluttering.

An organization expert and professional cleaner named Jaime Hayes, who goes by @organizelifecoach of TikTok, said she swears by her three-bag method when it comes to sprucing up her space.

Posting to TikTok, she began: “I don’t know about you, but the change of season makes me feel so itchy at home wanting to declutter, so here’s what we do.”

She then pulled out three bags.

“We use a black trash bag for actual trash.

“We use a clear garbage bag for donations, that way things that you’re hoping to give away don’t accidentally end up in the trash can.

“And then I take a big cardboard box from my recycling, and I use it for things that need to go elsewhere.”

Jaime then took us inside one of her daughter’s rooms and began cleaning.

She started with the trash bag, grabbing things that most definitely needed to be tossed.

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“Then here is my bag for donations. These are shorts and a top that she tried on this weekend that are too small—they’re going to go to donations and I’m going to call for a pickup.”

Finally, she moved on to the things that needed to be taken somewhere else (but not trashed or donated).

“Things like this: her soccer uniform that needs to go back to the coach is going to go in that box, this hat that should be in the mud room will go in the box.

“And once I’m done with her room, before I move onto another room I will clear this box out,” she said, while gesturing to the “elsewhere” box.

“I’ll take the hat to where it goes, put the uniform in her bag to take to school, and I’m not going to keep going until this box is clear.”

Viewers were thrilled with the idea:

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"You’re a legit genius. I woke up this morning feeling super motivated to declutter before school is out. I live for your tips," one wrote.

"Love this! Thank you," added another.

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