I’m proud to be the world’s biggest catfish – but was scared my man would leave when I lost my teeth & sex drive at 21

A WOMAN dubbed the world’s biggest catfish admitted she was terrified her husband would leave her when she lost her teeth and her sex drive at 21. 

Mum-of-four Alicia, from New York, uploaded a video sharing how she lost her teeth at such a young age – and her partner faithfully stuck by her. 

Alicia, who posts on TikTok as @princxssglitterhead, said how she fell in love with partner Josh when they were 18 and tied the knot at 20.

She said: “We had our first beautiful baby when we were 21, but during that pregnancy my eye teeth (canines) literally broke out at the gum line.

“Within a year of getting married my teeth started falling out and I needed my first partial (dentures).

“I thought my husband might leave me. I thought I would never feel pretty. I thought I lost all my value as a person.”

She said her first set of dentures were metal and didn’t match her other teeth, leaving her confidence destroyed. 

Alicia continued: “My husband literally was left with a wife who didn’t look like she did when he agreed to be with me for the rest of my life.”

She hit back at trolls, who have cruelly called her a witch in the past, saying: “What kind of woman will stay with you when your teeth are falling out of your head? 

“But mine did. And we had a second baby, and a third and a fourth.”

The mum said her confidence took another knock when she developed an autoimmune disease after giving birth to her fourth baby and breastfeeding for two years. 

She shared: “Lost my sex drive, wanted to sleep all the time, depressed again. 

“In those moments like that, it can break a marriage, it can break a person. 

“When my spirit felt broken, my husband carried me.

“He bought me my new teeth when I needed them.”

Gesturing to her boobs, she added: “He also bought me these.”

Alicia said to haters: “When you meet someone and fall in love with them at any age, do you really think people start perfect and nothing changes? 

My husband literally was left with a wife who didn’t look like she did when he agreed to be with me for the rest of my life.

“You think that people don’t get sick?

“All these guys on here that complain that it is all an illusion. Why do you care? This could be your reality. 

“Go find your perfect woman, let me know in 10 years how it is going. 

“We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.”

Husband Josh appeared on the video to share his side of the story, and said: “It was sad for me to see you so emotional. I wanted you to be happy about yourself. 

“So in the first year it was a struggle. 

“But just to see you up and down all the time emotionally.”

When my spirit felt broken, my husband carried me.

When Alicia asked him why he stayed with her, he replied: “We’re always going to be together, no matter what happens.”

The mum – who goes by "Princess Glitter Head" online – has amassed over one million followers on social media thanks to her incredible "catfish" transformation videos.

Reflecting on her pregnancy, Alicia said: "I don’t think I ate properly. I wasn’t as healthy as I should have been. 

“So the baby had to strip things out of my body that I didn’t know I didn’t have… mostly calcium from [my] teeth."

As she was "genetically predisposed to extreme calcium loss" during pregnancy, the mum said her teeth became hollow and brittle on the inside and randomly started falling out.


Nowadays, Alicia wears her dentures daily to give her a sparkling smile.

Fellow mums have been praising Alicia for being so open about her experience with her teeth and calling out the stigma often associated with dentures.

One person commented: "Yes plz normalize young ppl with dentures!! As a dental assistant I hate seeing how much it affects my patients self esteem. You're so beautiful (sic)."

Another said: "Thank you for being so real. Our real authentic selves are to be celebrated. U are beautiful (sic)."

One woman in a similar situation to Alicia could relate, but complimented her on her confidence. They said: "I wish I had the confidence you have my friend. My husband has never seen me without them."

A fourth added: "Thanks for being so transparent. Beautiful either way!"

Can pregnancy cause your teeth to fall out?

According to the NHS, hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the teeth and gums.

Calcium loss can also occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the baby having an increased need for calcium – which is drawn from the mother's bones.

For some women, they're gums can be prone to swelling and may bleed during pregnancy. This is usually due to a build up of plaque, as a change in hormones while expecting can make gums and teeth more vulnerable.

Ways to keep teeth and gums healthy while pregnant
It's important to keep both teeth and gums clean and healthy while pregnant. The best ways to do so are:

  • Clean teeth carefully twice a day for at least 2 minutes
  • Floss once a day to help prevent plaque build-up
  • Avoid regularly having sugary drinks and sugary foods
  • Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol.
  • Don't smoke
  • Rinse with salt daily to help reduce gum inflammation

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