I'm spending lockdown dressing up in my nicest clothes – you should too

To echo every person on the internet: we are living in unprecedented times. 

Right now, our health and the health of those around us is our top priority and it is ever harder to find glimmers of light in the face of such darkness. 

It is for this reason that I want to share something that is helping me, in the hopes it may bring some joy to you. 

While we’re trapped at home, we have time to go through our wardrobes and try on every single piece of clothing for absolutely no reason. 

I’ve previously written about why you should be wearing your ball gowns to the supermarket and, if anything, you should be doing this more now. There’s nothing like an impeccable dress train or a hooped skirt to physically stop people getting any closer to you. 

But there is also huge delight to be had in donning the clothes you have saved for best occasions or have tucked away as some sort of ‘life memorabilia’ and parading them from living room to bedroom. 

I know it sounds silly, but this is the exact moment where we should be able to be silly. We’re surrounded by a cacophony of voices telling us that we aren’t good enough because we haven’t got up at 6am, done a workout, written a book and found the cure for Covid-19 – all before This Morning arrives on TV. 

For me, being silly is putting on a full face of makeup, finding my old prom dress, lining up my teddy bears at the bottom of the stairs, and pretending that I’m walking down to greet them as we jump into a limo and head to prom (truly iconic). 

If we can all experience this feeling, we needn’t bulk-buy new outfits for when we’re out of lockdown. 

Especially when we look at the fast fashion industry and how it has responded during this pandemic. Brands like Pretty Little Thing and Boo Hoo are still operating and their warehouse staff have pleaded with people to stop ordering goods as they are reportedly having to work in conditions that are not conducive to stopping the spread of the virus. 

All because consumers are still purchasing out of heightened boredom and a desire to look sensational while sat in front of a box set of Mrs Brown’s Boys. 

I want people to look inside their own wardrobe. You can Marie Kondo your clothes, but it’s also a chance to explore your style. I’ve been able to put on outfits that, prior to this, I would have felt unsafe to wear in public. 

I’ve untucked the lavish dresses I have crammed into tote bags at the back of my wardrobe and getting to wear them feels fun. I expect everyone could use a bit of fun at the moment. 

While throwing on everything in your wardrobe may feel like a pointless task at the minute, it may help to chase the blues away – even momentarily

Many of us feel hopeless, knowing we can’t do anything to help those battling coronavirus except staying at home. It is an incredibly scary time and it has been hard to find any positives. 

While throwing on everything in your wardrobe may feel like a pointless task at the minute, it may help to chase the blues away – even momentarily. 

Even if it stresses you out and you end up wanting to burn all your clothes, at least you’ve spent five hours of your lockdown time doing something relatively productive. It will also ensure you have plenty of looks prepped for when we do step outside again. 

You now have the time to upcycle and repair garments that may have seen too many lunges. Get that needle and thread out, and darn your bloody socks. 

There is no one way to be doing anything right now. But what we can do is attempt to find enjoyment in the mundane, in the activities that we took for granted before – such as getting dressed every morning to go to work. Now you can get red-carpet glam just to walk the dog.

Trust me, you’ll be thanking me when you realise how much fun you’re having in your wedding dress from the first marriage, a bottle of merlot in hand, dancing around every room of the house this weekend.

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