I’ve put on loads of weight in 7 years but ONLY on my boobs – trolls say I’m obese…they weigh more than a baby

WHEN most people gain weight, it spreads out pretty evenly across their body.

Maybe they'll have a bit of a belly, or a double chin.

But for this woman, all of her weight gain went straight to her boobs.

Pamela, from Australia, gained weight when she started taking a new medication, but instead of the weight spreading over her entire body, it mainly went to her boobs.

Although she did also gain some weight on her hips and bum, it's less noticeable than her boobs.

In one video, which she posted to TikTok, someone asked her how much her boobs weight, to which she said: "I'm gonna find out right now, I went and got a scale just for this."

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She carefully leaned her boobs on the scales and was shocked to discover they weighed a whopping 28 pounds.

"Wasn't expecting that", she captioned the video.

Pamela also shared her transformation online, showing pictures of herself from just seven years ago where she looks completely different.

Back in 2019 Pamela's body shape was drastically different, although she still had what most people would consider big boobs, they were nothing to write home about.

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Skip to 2022 and her boobs have grown significantly.

Standing at 5 ft, 2 inches busty Pamela's frame is dominated by her big boobs, but she doesn't mind and has grown to love them.

However not everyone is a fan of her body confidence, viscous online trolls constantly call her obese.

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Despite the haters, she's managed to build a community around her new figure and people praise her confidence.

Although not everyone is convinced, one quipped: "Body confidence is good, but make sure that it's really making you happy."

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