I've saved hundreds during the pandemic & I’m going to blow it all in Primark today – I've missed going every week

AS NON-essential shops reopen their doors today, many of us will be itching to exercise our wallets at her favourite stores for the first time since December.

However, for Attiya Qureshi, there is only one place she’ll be heading, and that’s Primark.

In fact the 40-year-old from Hempstead, Kent has saved up hundreds of pounds over the pandemic and she plans to blow it all in the bargain store.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous , Attiya says: “I work in a private hospital and I received a covid bonus.

“I’ve got between £200 and £300 set aside from that, I’ve got quite a bit more in savings ready for my trip to Primark.

“I’m going to try not to go too mad and spend it all in one trip.”

While £300 may seem like an excessive budget for the budget fashion store, Attiya relies on it for almost her entire wardrobe so will have no problem spending the money.

“I love the fact that Primark keeps up with all the trends but at affordable prices,” she says.

“Primark is good for all sizes, I’m plus size and I find it difficult to find things that are affordable as well as stylish – but Primark always has something for me.

“It’s a one stop shop to just buy everything I need, the majority of my clothes come from Primark, as well as my jewellery.”

Attiya, who admits to visiting the store weekly, also has an enviable collection from Primark’s homeware range.

“I have loads of their bedding sets,” she says, “As much as I love the clothes and the accessories, I love the trends of the homeware section as well.

“You can always find something new there.”

The hospital worker regularly clears out her Primark wardrobe, giving her cast-offs to charity in order to make space for new purchases.

And Attiya already knows exactly what she’s going to buy when she hits the shop, having spent lockdown perusing Primark’s Instagram account.

She explains: “I’m a bit sad in a way, I go on Instagram and go on the Primark account so I can check out their new products.

“I like to do my research before I hit the shops. I’ve built up a mental shopping list in my head. 

“I know it’s sad, but at my job I have to be very focused and it’s hard to take my mind off things. This is retail therapy for me.”

Attiya is itching to make her first trip back, and while work commitments mean that she can’t go today, she plans to more than make up for it at the weekend.

“I can’t head to the shops on Monday because I’m at work but I have the following weekend in my calendar don’t you worry, I’ll be hitting Primark,” she says.

“Primark’s the only shop that I’m itching to go to, I think everyone’s in my position, waiting for it to open.

“I’m going to make a whole day of it but I’m not going at the crack of dawn – I’m crazy but I’m not that crazy.”

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