Jennifer Lopez Gives a Sneak Peek at Her Glitzy 50th Birthday Tour Wardrobe: 'It Needs to Be a Statement'

With less than two weeks left until Jennifer Lopez hits the road for her highly anticipated It’s My Party Tour to celebrate her 50th birthday, the star’s giving fans a sneak peek at the making of her glamorous stage looks.

In a YouTube video titled “Making The It’s My Party Tour: Two Weeks To Go,” Lopez, 49, shows a behind-the-scenes glimpse at designing a one-of-a-kind wardrobe for stage. “It’s an exciting part. It’s one of my favorite parts to do,” the star said.

Although Lopez didn’t show us what she looks like wearing the final pieces, she did reveal enough to hint that each ensemble will feature tons of glitter, feathers and embellishments.

For Lopez, deciding on her tour wardrobe is like telling a story. “It’s actually very intricate. People just think oh it’s fun let’s pick clothes. For me it’s really part of the whole narrative of the show,” she said.

Lopez demonstrates that as she brainstorms what her dancers should wear for a particular portion of the show that she calls “different” from everything else.

“This has a lot of passion and emotion in it and a lot of feeling in this section. We have to kind of think of how naturally it came together. What I thought the song should be and the type of moment should be, the question is just what are they wearing when that happens? It just needs to be a statement,” Lopez said during a meeting with her team.

She continued: “It’s the one moment where we’re just not it’s a party! We’re having fun! Let’s celebrate. It’s the one moment where we put some sentimentality and feeling into it.”

On one of the inspiration pages for a look, an image of Naomi Campbell’s iconic runway look from the 1995 Rifat Ozbek catwalk was pasted on it, hinting that J.Lo may wear a similar sparkly style inspired by the supermodel during a performance.

Another shot showed a sketch of Lopez wearing a draped graphite bodysuit complete with her moniker, “JLO” emblazoned across the back of it.

The new tour, which she first announced it during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February, is her first in six years, and will traverse 25 cities across North America, kicking off in Los Angeles on June 7 and ending on July 25 in Miami, the day after the superstar’s 50th birthday on July 24.

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