Kim Kardashian’s ‘koala parenting’ is to blame for kids’ ‘obnoxious’ behavior, expert reveals as fans slam her | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has been slammed once again by fans for letting her kids behave badly.

On a work trip to New York this week, the mom-of-four was accompanied by her sons, Saint, six, and Psalm, three.

On the way to the Tonight Show studios, Saint was seen screaming “Hi weirdos” and “If you’re watching this, I hate you!” during an Instagram Live which Kim shared on her profile.

Later, during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Saint and Psalm, who were sat in the audience with Kim’s friend, interrupted filming.

It caused Kim to ask them to stop, reminding them that they were at work with mom and needed to behave.

Fans were quick to pull Kim up on her parenting, with many stating she should have a better grip on her kids and their behaviour, or claiming the kids have no manners and are spoiled. 

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Kim reportedly chooses to follow the Koala method of parenting, a parenting style that promotes a close attachment between parents and their children.

The method's supporters believe children will feel more secure and be more independent as they get older as a result of this.

It may explain both why Kim had her kids alongside her – if they didn’t want to be away from mom – and it may also explain their obnoxious behaviour.

Obnoxious behavior often stems from children having a problem dealing with others – so perhaps they have a hard time with authority, or they are feeling anxious or insecure.

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It’s important to remember though, this doesn’t excuse the behavior.

Whether a child is obnoxious occasionally or all the time, it is the parent’s job to teach and guide them by setting boundaries and challenge any inappropriate behavior, which Kim did on the night in question.

She was likely quite embarrassed by her kid’s behavior; nobody likes their children being obnoxious, particularly in public, but most kids will experiment with obnoxious behavior at some point.

And if Kim wants to avoid any more public displays of unruly behavior, there are a few things that she can work on to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Teaching her kids’ empathy, so they understand the impact of their behavior on others, and having a good talk about how they should behave before entering any public settings are both good starting points.

Also reminding them a better way to respond if they are feeling a little anxious, and then letting them know what the consequences will be should they choose not to behave appropriately.

Kim’s younger son, Psalm, is only three and shouldn’t be expected to behave as his older siblings.

Kim may want to consider whether taking him to a talk show, where he was expected to sit quietly, was the right decision.

Her work schedule is a busy one, so being a koala mom may be trickier the more work she takes on.

Making sure the kids get plenty of mom time when she is not working will help the kids feel more secure.

Kids often act up as a means of getting attention, so making sure any good behavior is recognized can be helpful.

Equally, ignoring certain obnoxious behaviors – such as making loud noises repeatedly – can halt negative attention-seeking.

Kim was right to call out her kid’s behavior as it happened but could have perhaps done so privately.

Doing it so publicly could have caused embarrassment to the kids and, if they were acting out because they felt anxious, this could make things worse.

In this situation, it was the responsibility of the person caring for the kids (Kim’s friend) to manage. 

Like managing any behavior, it is important to understand why kids are acting the way they are.

But there also needs to be clear boundaries in place and manageable, fair consequences for overstepping them.

The biggest key for ensuring that kids respect boundaries? Be consistent.

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Kirsty Ketley, 41 from Surrey, UK, is a parent consultant at Auntie K's Childcare and mom to Ella, nine, and Leo, five.

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