Luxury stress-buster gadgets tested – from self-massage devices to blankets

STRESS can kill. It can lower your immune function and bone density, plus increase your blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.

Today I look at some of the luxury stress-buster gadgets to see if they are really worth the cash and Tara puts purifying cleansers to the test.

Health with Jane Atkinson

MIHIGH SOLAR BLANKET: Infrared sauna therapy helps the body maintain healthy levels of calming cortisol.

Put the blanket on your bed and crawl into it like a sleeping bag. Infrared heat is seven times more detoxifying than regular heat and can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes as you sweat it out in up to 75C. It is like a sauna in your bedroom. It’s not cheap at £399 but it also aids sleep, muscle soreness and will last a year. My favourite.

SENSATE 2 SENSORY DEVICE: You lie down and put this little pebble-shaped device on your chest. The vibrations stimulate your vagus nerve, which links your brain to vital organs, to calm you.

The device links to a free app with relaxing music, which it vibrates in time to. I used it watching TV without sound and still found it comforting. Vibrations have been used by the Chinese for years for calmness. I liked it. £199.

THERAGUN MINI: This is a pocket-sized smart self-massage device for aches and pains that relaxes and de-stresses too. In tests, 87 per cent of participants fell asleep faster using a Theragun while 70 per cent experienced improved sleep efficiency. The problem for me is that my neck and shoulders are tight from hours at my computer so to massage myself isn’t easy. For £175 I wouldn’t bother.

Beauty with Tara Ledden

BUDGET – Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin foam facial wash, 390ml, £9.96, for members, When it comes to budget cosmetics, Beauty Pie is way ahead of the game., providing premium products from all over the world at affordable prices. I’ve yet to try one I don’t like.

This new foaming cleanser packed with vitamin C, glycerin and antioxidant is no different. It’s big enough for the whole family and the handy pump packaging makes it easy to use. The foam didn’t strip my skin but effectively removed make-up and grime. Smells great, too.

MID – Scientia Pure Clarity deep clean PHA cleanser, £24, 150ml, I had high hopes for this as it contains some of my favourite active ingredients – PHAs, super-gentle exfoliating acids, and niacinamide, a multi-tasker that soothes skin, improves texture and regulates oil.

The consistency was runnier than I expected but the foam lathered well and helped decongest my skin. I did have to use a micellar water to remove all of my eye make-up, though. Perfect for a morning cleanse.

LUXURY – SkinCeuticals Simply Clean gel cleanser, £35, 200ml, Perfect for oily/combination skin, the ultra-rich foam left my face feeling soft. Alongside the exfoliating, pore-purging hydroxy-acids, aloe vera and camomile nourish the skin barrier.

Plus, the formula is fragrance free, so great for sensitive skin types. The best part? It cut through heavy make-up, including waterproof mascara, without irritating the delicate eye area. It’s my holy grail cleanser.

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