Meghan Markle shows her real feelings about her royal title with one gesture on Ellen show, says body language expert

MEGHAN Markle showed her true feelings about her title the Duchess of Sussex in today's appearance on the Ellen Show, claims a body language expert. 

Judi James said the Duchess, 40, “giggled when Ellen used [her title] and placed her hands over her face in a modest cut-off ritual” during her interview with the veteran presenter.

Now the body language expert, writing exclusively for Fabulous, tells us exactly what Meghan's body language revealed she was thinking and feeling through the interview…

Watching Meghan’s body language here it so easy to imagine the years of conflict, controversy and heartbreak never existed.

This is ‘Meghan Lite’, an apparently fun-loving, carefree and very playful version of the woman we have seen on first Oprah and then in active campaigning mode.

It is almost as though Meghan is keen to outdo her husband with his "joker Prince" tag here.

Harry’s exploits on the Corden show pale into comparison to Meghan’s antics as she is mock-"pranked" by Ellen.

The outdoors scene was at her suggestion we are told and she performs with enthusiasm and a total lack of embarrassment as Ellen sends her commands over a hidden earpiece.

As a royal she might have been warned of "The Curse of Royal it’s a Knock-out" before standing doing floor-squats in public wearing a smart dress and overcoat but Meghan is clearly determined to prove she is a sport and her acting experience must have been a help.

There are no small sniggers, eye-rolls or other looks of embarrassment here and if anything she even exaggerates many of the acts she is asked to perform, while the one hand she keeps placing on her hip forms a partial splay gesture that suggests high levels of confidence.

The studio scenes do show Meghan using gestures of embarrassment but only about the rapturous reception from the audience.

As they cheer and whoop Ellen show-style she performs a couple of modest-looking "baby-waves" at them and giggles shyly.


Once she is seated and the applause continues she even turns to Ellen, placing a hand over her face and muttering as though totally shocked by the response.

After that it is all giggling anecdotes and good humour, with Meghan constantly bonding with the audience by talking to them as though they were the third friend in the chatty conversation.

Her anecdotes are performed using illustrative and mime rituals to make the stories even more real.

There are no verbal references and no non-verbal leakage about her life in the UK but there is a long stretch spent telling how she once used to make scrunchies to sell at school, so clearly anything controversial has been carefully avoided here.

Harry gets a small mention at the start when she says "Harry loves California" and her eyes close and her head turns from side to side to illustrate his emotions.

She performs a couple of modest-looking ‘baby-waves’ at them and giggles shyly.

He is mentioned again during the book plug segment, but there is more mention of the children, with both Ellen and Meghan openly telling stories and making loving comments.

Meghan even mimics Archie at one point as she quotes something he said.

Meghan seems to act as though her title of Duchess of Sussex makes her rather embarrassed.

She giggles when Ellen uses it and places her hands over her face in a cut-off ritual that seems to be intended to imply modesty.

There is a change of body language mood when we are shown a more recent version of Meghan as her Times "Most influential" photo pops up on the backdrop and she adopts a less giggly and more assertive tone to speak about her campaign for federal paid leave.

Otherwise though, this is an accessible and rather sweet-looking Meghan using body language reminiscent of the days when Harry first introduced her to an adoring British public.

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