Miley Cyrus Teams with Marc Jacobs on Clothing Collaboration to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Miley Cyrus is teaming up with her famous fashion friend Marc Jacobs for a cause.

The “Unholy” singer just announced that her Happy Hippy Foundation (launched in 2015 to provides support and shelter for at-risk youth) is teaming up with the fashion designer for a limited edition pink hoodie. One hundred percent of proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood, according to an Instagram post from Marc Jacobs.

Available for preorder on the Marc Jacobs website right now, the $175 product features a photo of Cyrus, smiling and topless, with grapefruit halves covering her nipples and the words “Don’t f— with my freedom” written in black and white block letters.


Cyrus, 26, is never one to shy away from controversial subject matter, and this collaboration is no different. The words on the hoodie are lyrics from Cyrus’ new song “Mother’s Daughter” (off her May 31 EP She is Coming) — a bold declaration of her pro-choice stance on abortion.

Before expressing her views on a hoodie, she put them on a cake. The pop star and activist recently posted a photo licking a cake with the words, “ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE,” iced in frosting. The post landed Cyrus in hot water when Becca Rea-Holloway, a self-proclaimed “rage baker” who goes by The Sweet Feminist on Instagram, reached out to the singer via the platform because the cake appeared to be an exact replica of one of her cakes—without giving Rea-Holloway any credit or compensation for her work, she claims.

Rea-Holloway had posted to her Instagram on May 15 in response to the restrictive HB314 abortion law being passed by Alabama’s Senate. Cyrus later posted a photo in collaboration with Planned Parenthood and Marc Jacobs, in which she is licking a cake that looks nearly identical to Rea-Holloway’s.

Cyrus also made headlines earlier this month after a fan grabbed and kissed her without consent in Spain. Cyrus trying to make her way through a crowd of people alongside her husband, Liam Hemsworth, when an overzealous fan jumped out and kissed her on the cheek, grabbing her by the hair and shoulder to do so.

The assailant was immediately pushed off of Cyrus by someone from her security team, and the singer ran ahead to take cover under Hemsworth, 29, who was walking slightly ahead of her and wrapped his arm around his wife to protect her.

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