Mum discovers daughter, 8, sleeps in a shower cap to not waste time in the morning & people love the ‘genius’ tip

A MUM has revealed her savvy eight-year-old daughter sleeps in a shower cap so she doesn’t waste time in the morning getting ready. 

Rachel Neal shared a cute photo of daughter Isla tucked up asleep with her hair prepped ahead of time for school. 

Rachel was quick to praise the “genius” idea and shared a photo to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas. 

She wrote: “So I went in last night to find my daughter fast asleep with a shower cap on.

“Why…. well her response this morning was ‘well mummy it’s simply because I do not have the time to f***y around with my hair in the morning for school, this way it keeps it neat.’

“Genius at 8 years old.”

Many people were highly impressed at Isla’s forward-thinking, and took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

One said: “Hahah this is brilliant and so cute.”

And a second wrote: “That’s hilarious! Out of the mouths of babes.”

And another added: “Introduce her to tights over her hair , my two wear them every night.”

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