Mum gets shamed after revealing she buys EIGHTY McDonald’s chicken nuggets at a time to keep her picky-eater son happy | The Sun

A LOT of kids are picky-eaters, but one mum revealed the lengths she goes to make sure her son has some grub he likes.

Even though McDonald's is usually reserved as a rare treat for most parents, she confessed she bulk buys from the fast food chain.

Se Fordree took to TikTok to explain why she buys 80 chicken nuggets at a time, and how she makes them last.

The mum explained that she freezes the nuggets, which she buys in boxes of 20, so there's always something her son will eat.

"These are the only nuggets that my child eats, so that's why I buy so many of them then I freeze them," she explained in the clip.

Se removes the crispy nuggets from their cardboard packaging and dumps them in a plasitc Ziploc bag.



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She then lets the nuggets cool down in her fridge before putting the huge bag in the freezer.

"You want it to cool down before you put it in the freezer so they don't stick together," she explained.

Not only that, but the mum also nabs plenty of sauce from McDonald's too and stores in her fridge.

Then, when her kid is ready for a tasty meal she takes out 10 of the nuggets and microwaves them for a minute and a half.

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In the UK, a box of 20 nuggets from McDonald's will set you back £5.79, so four boxes would cost £23.16.

But as far as Se is concerned it's worth every penny as long as she knows there's something on hand for her son to enjoy.

"Most of the time I get 100 McNuggets because they go quick," she confessed.

After sharing her hack on social media other parents were left divided, with some saying it was too unhealthy, but others loving her trick.

"He doesn't eat them ALL the time," Se responded to one person.

"It's just his favourite nuggets just like you may have a favourite food of your own."

Another person commented: "Whatever works, I feel you. My toddler is a picky eater as well."

"This is genius," someone else quipped.

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But someone else suggested buying cheaper nuggets from the supermarket and putting them in McDonald's container. instead.

"They're exactly the same," they wrote.

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