Mum-of-10 shows how much food it takes to feed to family for a week & there’s 3 fridges, 2 freezers and a ROOM of cereal

THIS mum has shared how exactly she stores one week’s worth of food for her family of 12, and it requires way more space than just her kitchen cupboards.

With three fridges, two freezers, and a dedicated cereal and snack room, mum Alicia has everything covered for her ten children.

Alicia’s food-storage tour begins in a pretty standard way: with the fridge.

In her kitchen refrigerator, Alicia stores “ the basics – milk, eggs, yoghurt, condiments, cheese”.

However, as soon as she steps into her garage, it’s clear that her huge family requires more than just standard stoarage.

She says: “Come into the garage, where we have two more fridges and a deep freezer. This is for all the overflow.”

Upon re-entering the house, Alicia shows that three fridges and two freezers aren’t enough to store food for her family of 12 for a week – and this is where she shows just how special her food storage strategy is.

She describes her pantry as “every kid’s dream”, as it contains a huge variety of cereals and snacks.

She explains: “When you come in from the garage, you come right into the pantry room

“So many cereals, chips, snacks. They can just pull these bins right out to grab a snack.”

But that’s not the end of it.

After showing us her cereal pantry, Alicia says “that wasn’t enough room”.

She then shows off the room in her house used to store non-perishables.

“We added these shelves for additional storage for drinks, canned goods, pastas”, she explains.

Finally, she shows that she has even inserted a shelf solely to store bread above her overflowing fruit bowls.

Some of Alicia’s children are adopted, some are fostered, and some are her biological kids, and the mum is a huge advocate online for taking in children who need homes.

The video has been seen by 150,000 people, and most commenters couldn’t get enough of Alicia’s extreme food storage system.

“You make food for twelve humans every day? I’m kind of blown away by that”, said one impressed viewer.

“No one can say you don’t feed them”, joked one commenter.

“The MONEY! Them babies are fed”, said another.

“Wow that’s a lot”, one viewer commented, but Alicia replied to say that “it’ll be gone in a week”. 

Alicia says that the family’s food organisation tips come directly from her husband.

“I take no credit for that lol”, she says.

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