Mum raves about Clarks’ guarantee after she swaps her kids’ old school shoes for FREE when they no longer fit

ALL parents know that kids grow out of shoes and clothes in a heartbeat, which is why you always buy a size too big. 

But you can still end up shelling out for a few new pairs of footwear each year even if you buy big, which is why parents are raving about Clarks’ guarantee.

The shoe shop is replacing kids shoes for free, if they’ve grown out of their old pair. 

One mum, who bought her two kids each a fresh pair of shoes at the beginning of summer, unsurprisingly found they didn’t fit them anymore.

Rather than fork out for some new pairs, the mum – who’d kept the receipt – was able to exchange them for the same pair in a bigger size, for free. 

She raved about the scheme on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, alongside a snap of the new and old shoes.

She wrote: For all those people that got the Clark’s school shoe guarantee in summer. 

“I took my three children for their feet measuring today and they had all grown by half a size or so. 

“I brought the old shoes and receipt and Clark’s replaced them free of charge! 

“The bonus being that their old school shoes are sent to developing countries for children that need them.”

She explained she simply picked the same style of shoes gain, meaning there was no extra to pay.

I brought the old shoes and receipt and Clark’s replaced them free of charge!

The mum continued: “When I bought the shoes in Summer the lady at the till told me about the guarantee and attached  a small card to my receipt that said the guarantee was valid until Feb 2021.

“I just took the shoes in a bag, no box needed, it is the new shoes that are pictured.

“The shop assistant measured their feet as normal then they tried their old school shoes on and she said they were too small.

“We chose new shoes and took everything (old shoes, new shoes and receipt) to the till. The receipt was checked and no payment was needed. 

“If there had been a difference in the price I would have needed to pay the difference.

“We are currently in tier 3, I went today thinking we may be moved to tier 4. I hope Clark’s honour guarantees if stores are closed.”

More than 4,000 mums have liked the post, as they raved about the offer. 

One mum wrote: “That's a really good exchange programme from Clarkes.”

Another said: “I didn’t know about this!”

A third commented: “Thank you for the reminder, I'm taking my son back as close to feb as possible.”

This person thought: “That's awesome.”

While another added: “I didn’t have a receipt but they record it online if details were provided. I got emailed a copy.” 

Explaining how the scheme works online, Clarks confirmed parents need to have bought a pair of school shoes, school boots, plimsoles or school sport shoes for full price. 

The website says: “We guarantee that the Shoes from an infant size 10 upwards will remain the correct fit for your child or children’s feet from the date of purchase to 28 February 2021 and Infant sizes 7-9.5 will remain the correct fit for your child or children’s feet from the date of purchase to 30 November 2020 or we will give you an exchange in accordance with the returns policy below.”

The shoes must have been bought between July 13 and September 14 2020, and been fitted by a trained Clarks fitter in-store, and need to be returned by February 28 2021.

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