Mum shares savvy hack for applying sunscreen to kids who hate it & parents say it is genius

WITH the weather heating up, sunscreen is a must – but getting your kids to put on their SPF can be a real chore.

Here to save all your sunscreen-related parenting problems, one mum has revealed the clever way she tricks her kids into putting it on.

Posting to Facebook, the mum explained that her children hate applying sunscreen to their faces, so she's had to get creative to ensure they're protected from the sun.

She left fellow parents impressed with her "genius" idea and plenty were annoyed they hadn't thought of the trick themselves.

The mum shared a photo of her factor 30 sunscreen and a make-up brush and explained: "Ever struggle to get suncream on your little ones faces. Use a foundation brush!!

"Acts like face paint No more tears," she insisted, adding: "#lifehack #yourwelcome."

Applying the sunscreen with a brush not only makes it fun for kids, but is also practical and much more mess-free.

Thousands of people liked her post, with hundreds of parents commenting and calling the savvy hack a "game-changer".

"Why have I never thought of this," posted one mum.

Another said: "What an idea."

Keen to try it out for themselves, one more mum wrote: "Yes! My little one will love it if she thinks applying suncream remotely resembles putting make up on. Nice one!"

A fourth added: "This is the advice I’ve we been waiting for finally."

One parent, however, couldn't resist joking: "That takes away the enormous fun of pinning them down to chuck it all over there face while they’re screaming blue murder."

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