My cellulite is sexy – I used to be so ashamed I wouldn't go to the beach, now I wear thong bikinis & won't be insecure | The Sun

A FOOD vlogger is championing body positivity after years of feeling ashamed of her cellulite.

She encouraged young girls to embrace any fashion trend that they wanted in a heartfelt speech about battling her own insecurities.

Maria Legarda (@misslegarda) boasts over 2.4 million followers on TikTok, where she shares recipes and restaurant reviews.

She took to the social media platform to hit back at trolls who had critiqued her body in recent snaps.

She donned shorts as she pointed at a perceived flaw on her thigh and then shared a photo taken on a boat.

“My cellulite is sexy,” she said. “No, I’m not airbrushed.

“Do you guys see that I have these little veins all over?

“I posted a picture and some of y’all had something to say about my cellulite.

“Baby, what we’re not going to do is put women down because they have cellulite and try to make them feel ashamed of their bodies.

“This is for all of my girls, especially my young girls watching.

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“Y’all don’t know how many times I literally didn’t go out. 

“I didn’t go to the beach and I said no to pool days, I didn’t wear certain outfits because of my cellulite.

“I was so ashamed of it and how many times I cried about it.

“And now as a grown a** woman, I’m feeling sexier than ever.”

Maria was all smiles as she boasted of having unshakable confidence and a refusal to let internet trolls make her feel insecure.

She began to dance around her living room as she showed her figure from different angles. 

“Girl you are beautiful, you are sexy,” she said.

“Show that booty, show those legs, don’t let anybody bring you down because of that.

“I’m gonna keep on wearing my thong bikinis and showing my cellulite because it is so sexy.”

The foodie captioned the post: “This video is for all of my girls, especially the young ones [heart].

"I used to let my cellulite stop me from doing things because I was so ashamed of it.

“I have been my skinniest and had cellulite and been my thickest and had cellulite, who cares?

“Don’t let anyone keep you from wearing that outfit or feeling food about yourself queen [kiss] YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.”

She included the hashtags #selflove, #bodypositivity, and #cellulite which helped the post to rack up over 421,000 views.

Thousands of people liked the relatable video and took to the comment section praising Maria for speaking candidly.

“You’re beautiful embrace it and ignore the negativity and the hatred,” one person wrote.

“I low-key needed this I’ve been feeling insecure lately,” another said.

“You are incredibly beautiful just the way you are,” a third chimed in.

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“Preach [heart] say it louder for all the girls in the back. Love this so much,” a fourth commented.

“Wish I could have a body like yours… you are beautiful,” another added.

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