My wedding nails were butchered by a new tech – I wanted a chic French manicure but was left with bleeding cuticles | The Sun

SHE wanted a chic French manicure for her wedding day.

But when Mel Michels usual nail tech had to deal with a family emergency, she was left with someone else doing her manicure.

And when the nail salon owner took over her appointment, things went so badly that she was left with bleeding cuticles for her big day.

Mel took to TikTok to recount the story, beginning: "I arrived at the salon the Wednesday before my Saturday wedding with my mum, my matron of honour, my sister and myself.

"All getting manicures and pedicures."

When she arrived, she was told that her usual nail tech wasn't in.

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Her mum knew how important for Mel to have the woman she'd booked the appointment with, so decided to let her have the tech that she'd been given.

However, when the nail salon owner heard that it was a French manicure she wanted, he put himself forward, insisting: "I do French all day, everyday, I'm perfect for this.

"I will make your nails look good – you won't regret it."

When she sat down to have her nails done, he started by trying to remove her previous "dip gel" nails with an "electric little shaver thing".

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"He nicks my nail and I start bleeding instantly," Mel continued.

"And then he goes back in and does it again. Rips off my entire nail, cracks it down the middle, it bleeds everywhere and I go, 'Ow!'

"Everyone in the salon turns and looks at me as I yank my hand away.

"The other nail tech comes over and is cleaning me up because I'm bleeding.

"This is what my nail looks like midway through and he's like, 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'll do better'.

"He in fact did not do better and this is what my wedding nails looked like.

"My cuticles were raw, I was bleeding everywhere and I was so unhappy.

"And no I did not pay for that manicure."

The comments section was quickly filled with people weighing in on Mel's tale, with one writing: "My jaw DROPPED at that photo.

"That looks SO PAINFUL."

"Omg it was so painful!" Mel replied.

"Had to spend the next 2 days applying Neosporin (antiseptic cream) and bandaids."

"Glad you didn’t pay!!!! I’m so sorry this happened! Also- your feelings are totally valid!! I’d be sooo upset too!" another added.

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While a third commented: "OUCH it looks so painful where you can see it’s cracked.

"I know it’s a small injury but damn that still hurts!!"

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