On Emily in Paris, Camille's the Real Style Star

On Emily in Paris, Camille’s the Real Style Star

While Emily in Paris (emphasis on the Emily) has inspired both devout fashion stans and fierce critics, Emily’s Parisian pal Camille (played by Camille Razat) offers a more subtle style that we’re not talking about nearly as much but certainly should be. Between the “ringarde,” the printed or brightly colored, and the matchy-matchy ensembles Emily Cooper dons as an American in Paris, I’ve come to regard Camille’s scenes, with her brand of chic dressing on display, as a kind of palate cleanser. While Emily — and Mindy, too — is a maximalist at heart, Camille reminds us that less can be more with the right tailoring, a standout cut, or the juxtaposition of two seemingly unlikely pieces paired together.

The real-life Camille agrees on that much. Describing her favorite look from the series for POPSUGAR, the actor landed on this: “The Yves St. Laurent dress that looked like a heart here [pointing to her chest] and with the huge leather jacket oversized — that’s very me putting something so feminine and chic and putting something very masculine on the top of it. This look I love.” The 27-year-old French actor and model seems to embody that enviable Parisian aesthetic off screen, too, though hers comes with a twist. “There [are] so many similarities, but I think my style in real life is more bizarre,” she told us when we asked her to compare the style of her onscreen counterpart with her own. “I like oversized stuff all the time, you know, and I love, for example, if I wear like all-black look, I will put like crazy socks or a crazy hat with like colorful thing. So more edgy, I would say.”

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