People are only just realising you can peel garlic in under two seconds & they say it should be taught in school | The Sun

FULL of flavour and vital vitamins, garlic is a staple in hundreds of savoury recipes.

But as much as we love this root vegetable, peeling each clove can oftentimes turn out to be a nightmare – luckily, there is an easy hack to make it a breeze.

One of those who gave this trick a go was Dustin Hadley, better known to his 197k fans as That40yearguy on Instagram and TikTok.

According to Dustin, who was also recently stunned by a microwave hack, the answer is quite simple.

Sharing the life-changing cooking tip, the man revealed that all you need to do is take a knife and stick it inside the clove you want to use.

To remove the skin, push the knife in an upwards motion and watch the magic happen – the clove will come out with no skin left.

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Completely stunned, the cooking enthusiast said: ''You're telling me for 40 years struggling day in and day out to peel garlic I could've been doing this the whole time?

''No way,'' Dustin was shocked at the discovery.

''You’ve got to be kidding me WOW. No more garlic under my finger nails!''

It's not just Dustin who wished he had learnt of is sooner – people on social media were so impressed, they reckoned the hack should be taught at school.

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''This is why they need to bring back home ec and make it mandatory,'' commented one Instagram user.

Another went on a little rant: ''I’m kinda sick of all these “life hack” videos – like why weren’t we taught this in school and are just learning later in life?

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''Why’d we all have to learn to do things the hardest way possible?

''They shouldn’t be life hacks they should be like the normal way to do stuff.''

However, amongst the whopping 33.5million viewers of the clip were also those who claimed the hack was of no use.

''This will work on garlic pods that are very dry. The tender ones are sticky. The peel wouldn't come off this way for them,'' claimed one such person.

When the recipe calls for garlic, you'll most likely also be using onion – and turns out, there's a correct way of chopping it.

One woman has shared the "weird" way she dices the tear-inducing vegetable in seconds and people reckon it's absolutely genius.

The woman named Lynsey demonstrated her cutting technique on TikTok, insisting many people think it's "weird".

But in her opinion it "just makes sense" as it not only saves time but it's easier too.

She said: "I thought I'd quickly come on and show you how I cut onions because, apparently, the way I cut onions is weird, but to me it just makes sense.

"There's none of this slicing it and then you know holding it and ah can't be dealing with that."

She says to take off the outer layer of the onion leaving the root attached – then slice off the opposite end so it can lay flat.

Then, with one finger on the root to hold it in place, Lynsey makes incisions from top to bottom leaving roughly 1cm near the root to keep it all in place.

"So, you're literally cutting segments like an orange," she explains.

Once this is done, she says it should "look like a flower", then flip it over and slice in the opposite direction.

"Why would you do it any other way?" she asks.

Since being shared, the video has been liked over 100k times and received more than 1,600 comments from impressed viewers.

One said: "That's not weird that's genius."

Another asked: "Why have we all been cutting onions wrong?"

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