People share the best photoshop fails they’ve ever seen including tiny waists and freaky faces

IT'S the start of a new decade and if it's one of your resolutions to go on a social media detox, then we have a little something that might help you on your way.

That's right, a bonkers new gallery shows just how dramatically Instagram users have altered their appearance in their quest for the most "likes".

Although it's one thing to occasionally add a cheeky filter to your selfies from time to time, Photoshopping your face until it's completely unrecognisable is something else entirely.

This bonkers gallery – compiled by Bored Panda – proves the extremes lengths Instagram users have gone to to alter their faces, bodies and even the backgrounds to get the most likes possible.

WARNING: these photos might make you want to delete all social media forever.

Get with the logo

Roman holiday

Curve your enthusiasm

Pack it in

Face off

Fake it till you make it

Riding solo

Smooth operator

All dolled up

Packs a punch

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