Professional cleaner claims you’re washing your bath mat all wrong… and it’s got more germs than your LOO

TURNS out there's several everyday household items that are infested with germs and one of the worst is your average bath mat and you've probably been cleaning it all wrong.

One professional cleaner has claimed that a bath mat can actually be dirtier than the toilet itself and needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria build-up.

How often do you usually wash your bath mat? If it's not at least every few months, then you need to be rethinking your cleaning game.

According to Insider, professional cleaner and home expert Bailey Carson has revealed just how dirty our bath mats really are and how we should be washing them.

"After every shower we step out onto our bath mat, allowing it to soak in any excess water or soap that might be dripping," he said.

"While this prevents our floors from getting damp, the reoccurring buildup of water when left untreated can lead to mold growth."

Add that with bacteria that comes flying out of your toilet every time you flush. We're not kidding.

A simple trick to keep bacteria at bay is simply closing the toilet lid before you flush, but Carson still stressed the importance of regularly washing your bath mat.

This can be done either by throwing it in the washing machine or hand-cleaning.

If you use a plastic bath mat and one with suction cups, Carson recommends using a diluted bleach solution to clean it and scrubbing it with a toothbrush.

Explaining his go-to method, he said: "Put the mat in your tub or large sink with the suction cups facing upward, rinse in hydrogen peroxide or a heavily diluted bleach solution for a few hours, then scrub with a bristle brush."

Other tips he swears by are swapping out your kitchen sponges for new ones every one to two weeks and cleaning your TV remote – that often goes uncleaned – with bleach or alcohol at least once a day.

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