Queen of Clean reveals how you should ACTUALLY be wiping your worktops – and you've probably been doing it all wrong

WIPING over kitchen worktops is often done with very little thought – so long as it's free of crumbs and smells good it must be clean, right?

Well, according to Lynsey Crombie, the Queen of Clean, it's highly likely we're doing it all wrong, and the right way comes down to timing.

The mum-of-three shared the little-known tip on her Instagram, where she has 218k cleaning-obsessed followers.

Lynsey,who regularly appears on This Morning and Good Morning Britain, revealed we should actually be spraying the surfaces and walking away before we wipe it down.

She wrote: "When cleaning so many of us are used to just giving our surfaces a quick spray followed by a wipe or two, which may not be enough time for the product to actually work.

"It is always best to let the product sit and remain wet on surfaces or objects for a few minutes before wiping away."

While you wait, she suggests doing some other chores, such us the washing up or emptying the dishwasher, and then return to your worktops to wipe the product away.

"Allow your product time to work to kill surface germs and bacteria," she added.

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