Sephora Just Updated Its Beauty Insider Program — and Now Shoppers Can Get Cash Back Rewards

Sephora shoppers: get ready for some exciting news! The beauty retailer is taking its beloved loyalty program to the next level by offering Beauty Insider Cash for the first time ever starting May 29.

The Beauty Insider program is made up of three tiers: Insider status for any member, VIB Insider for customers who spend over $350 in a calendar year and Rouge Insider for customers who spend over $1,000 in a calendar year. And previously, customers could only redeem deluxe product samples or one-of-a-kind experiences through the program. But now, Sephora is giving its shoppers more ways to save by being a member in its loyalty program.

At checkout both online and in-store, shoppers can use 500 points to redeem $10 off of their entire purchase. If Beauty Insider members have more than 500 points they would like to redeem for Beauty Insider Cash, it would need to be done on a separate transaction as only 500 points can be applied maximum on each purchase.

The best part? The $10 discount can be used on pretty much any beauty product in the store with only a few exceptions. "The Beauty Insider Cash Reward cannot be applied to gift card purchases, subscription programs, previous purchases, gift wrapping, packaging, taxes or shipping & handling charges," Sephora's website states.

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In addition to Beauty Insider Cash, Sephora is now also offering the ability to qualify for free shipping to all its loyalty program members. Rouge members will get the perk with all purchases, while VIB members on purchases of $35 or more and Insiders will when they spend at least $50.

Of course, if Beauty Insiders still want to use their points for luxe beauty samples, Sephora will still have those options available.

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"We know they want more ways to save," said Sephora's Vice President and General Manager of Loyalty, Allegra Stanley Krishnan, in a press release. “We also know rewards that provide greater emotional and memorable experiences are the most meaningful for our clients, and we want to continue to deliver personalized experiences where our clients can choose what works best for their needs."

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