Single-man gets roasted for his list of Tinder demands – including earning over £85k as well as having no male friends | The Sun

A SINGLE bloke has been savaged after his lengthy list of Tinder demands for a date was shared online.

Whether it's good communication, empathy or openness, we all have things we look for in our potential partners to-be.

But for one would-be Romeo, the list goes far beyond that, The Daily Mirror reported.

A screenshot of his profile and requirements was shared on Twitter by a woman who came across him on the popular dating app, Tinder.

The man, only known as ''Paul'', from Austin, Texas, didn't provide too much information about himself – the 27-year-old claimed to be 6'4'' and a professional YouTuber.

He also described himself as ''open-minded and fun'' and enjoyed being outdoors and drinking coffee.

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However, whilst he remained rather mysterious, the hopeful romanticwas clear about what he wanted in a partner.

According to Paul, to be able to score a date with him, you have to be under 22, make £85k or more and have no male friends.

In terms of your appearance, the right woman must be taller than 5'9'' and mustn't be heavier than 8.9 stone – someone who he could score as ''9/10 at least''.

She also has to available six days a week, have moderate politics and have a history of less than five previous partners.

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A screenshot of his Tinder profile was shared on social media by the popular Twitter personality, Aubry Andrews.

 "Guys: women's standards are way too high on dating apps,'' she wrote.

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"Women: opens app uh-huh."

The single bloke was then savaged by those who saw the post online.

Someone chuckled: “Straight man.” Thanks Paul, but we knew."

Seeing the numerous requirements, a third responded with a healthy dose of sarcasm: "Paul can't be bothered right now. He's busy fighting off all the criteria-worthy chicks lusting for him. I bet."

Others also pointed out to the unrealistic expectations, ranging from the £85k salary under the age of 22, as well as the height and weight requirements.

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A TikTok user said: "Over 5’9” and less than 125 lbs is PREPOSTEROUS. As is everything else on that list."

"Under 22, earning 100k by working only 1 day a week? Sir, what are you envisioning?" another wondered.

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