Single mum in hysterics over note daughter, 10, sent her saying ‘you don’t need men’

A SINGLE mum was left in hysterics over a note her 10-year-old daughter wrote to her saying she doesn’t “need men”.

Deborah Goldman, from Southend-on-Sea, shared a photo of little Jessie’s adorable letter to Facebook and said her “work as a mum is done.”

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the proud mum said: “A letter that my ten-year-old daughter wrote to me. 

“This is something they don’t teach you at school! My work as a mum is done.”

The note read: “You are the most incredible mummy ever”, and then listed reasons why she loved her. 

These included “you are powerful”, “you’re funny” and “you are caring”. 

The bullet point that really stuck out for Deborah was the one that said in capital letters: “YOU DON’T NOT NEED MEN. You are independent and proud.”

Deborah told Fabulous: “The letter was written after a recent split with my boyfriend, and Jessica wrote it to me to make me feel better. 

“I’m so proud of her because my purpose in life is to ensure that my children grow into strong, confident women.”

Deborah is a boxing coach and runs workouts on Zoom from her home gym, and added: “My other purpose is to empower women and girls through boxing and through my own experiences of being a woman and a mother in the sport.”

The sweet post finished: “I could never ask for a better mummy and I love you so so much. Jessie.”

It has clearly struck a chord with parents, and has racked up over 14,000 likes online. 

One person gushed: “Omg! If my daughter wrote anything like this I be sooooo proud!! Well Done Mum! That is a life lesson taught right there!”

Another added: “I’m not crying, you are!!”

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