Stomach-churning footage shows what happens when you don’t clean your lashes – as woman is left with crusty, swollen eye

STOMACH-churning footage shared by a lash technician on Tiktok has showed how disgusting eyelash extensions can get when they’re not properly cleaned.

The video, created by Ipek, show the beautician picking away the crusty build-up from her client’s eyelids, and other lash technicians say it’s the “worst build-up” they’ve ever seen. 

“This is what happens when you don’t clean your eyelash extensions”, she explains.

Ipek then says she feels “sick” removing the “squidgy” lumps from her client’s lash line.

The clumps are a “build-up of make-up, oils, and dirt”, she says.

Thankfully, she explains that clumps of dirt like the ones in this video are very easily avoided.

“To prevent this from happening to you, just clean your lashes once a day”, she advises.

Commenters couldn’t believe the dirt that had gathered on Ipek’s client’s lashes.

“That is literally the worst build up I’ve seen and I’ve been doing lashes 10 years”, commented a fellow lash technician.

Others were horrified by the build-up.

One viewer said the eyelid looked like “when you make a cheese toastie and a bit of cheese spills out and cooks”, while another commented: “How do people let it get this bad?”

Some, however, thought the removal of the crusty debris looked satisfying.

“I would pay someone to let me clean this, it looks so satisfying”, said one viewer, while a second said: “I’d love to pick it.”

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Sarah Jarvis GP and Clinical Director of gave her insight into the inflamed eyelids pictured in the video.

Dr Sarah said: "Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids, is a common and very uncomfortable condition. It can lead to puffy, red eyelids, discharge and flaking skin and sore, gritty eyes.

"While it’s rarely dangerous, it is not easy to get rid of and can take several months to settle down."

Dr Sarah explained that the condition "can make you prone to developing styes or losing your eyelashes", and that in rare cases it can lead to a medical emergency, with "inflammation of the eyeball itself, severe pain, redness and changes to your vision".

"Regular eyelid hygiene, with a combination of warmth, gentle massage and cleaning is the standard treatment for blepharitis. You can find out more about how to do this at", Dr Sarah advised.

After the video went viral, viewers were dying to know how to make sure their lash extensions stayed clean, so Ipek provided an in-depth tutorial.

She says to apply Garnier micellar water to a cotton pad, and then blow through the cotton pad, as this will create a foam.

This foam is what we use to clean extensions because it’s gentle”, she explains.

Using a spooly brush that should be given to every lash client on the day of their appointment, Ipek then shows that you just brush the foam through your lashes.

“Cleaning them does not make them fall out”, she assures her viewers.

Finishing up the process, Ipek just uses the micellar water and a cotton pad to clean her lash line. 

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