Student, 21, given sugar daddy’s credit card to ‘drain’ and a £1,000 Missguided order for her and her 15 mates in return for photos of her FEET – The Sun

A STUDENT has revealed her sugar daddy asked her to "drain" his £2,500 credit cards and splash out on clothes worth £1,000 for 15 pals in return for pics of her FEET.

Amy Williams, 21, met her generous sugar daddy – known only as Richard – after she moaned on Twitter about being skint.

The law student claims he begged her to spend his cash in return for pictures of her feet.

She said: "I've had the arrangement since May. I tweeted saying I was skint and needed a sugar daddy and he direct messaged me straight away offering money in return for feet pictures.

"I thought he was talking rubbish, as there’s loads of fake people like that on twitter, so I said money first, and he sent me one of his credit cards and told me to buy myself something so I did and it worked.

"As time went on, he started sending me money literally just for pictures of my feet, which I’m sure anyone would do.

"It's really strange but definitely not complaining, it’s only feet."

What's more, her sugar daddy urged the student to treat her pals to presents too.

Amy added: "Just recently he’s sent me credit cards with big amounts on them like £2500 and told me to ‘drain’ the lot of them and treat me and my friends.

"There was so much stuff, I had to label it all up in my room with everyone’s name on it so I didn’t get confused."

Most recently, Amy splashed out more than £1,000 on a Missguided clothes haul for her and her 15 friends.

After her pal Sarah Connolly's tweet about the unconventional arrangement went viral, Missguided is now offering to give one "girls group chat their ENTIRE wish list" in response.

Sharing a photo of the enormous order, Sarah wrote: "Amys ‘sugar dad’ just treated the whole girls chat to clothes hahah."

The bumper fashion haul included everything from a £55 bomber jacket to an everyday £12 pair of leggings and £35 hoodies.

Unsurprisingly, fellow social media users were quick to express their envy.

One replied: "Okay how can I get in on the girls chat?"

Another added: "Where did she find the sugar daddy?? Help I need one."

And a third said: "Okay well I also want involved."

In response to the hundreds of tweets, Amy joked: "At least I was nice and gave him the £176 student discount."

What is a sugar daddy and how does the relationship work?

  • A sugar daddy is a generous older man who spends lavishly on his mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend
  • A sugar baby, meanwhile, is normally an attractive younger woman who can't afford her luxury lifestyle
  • The couple will usually establish a financial agreement early on – as well as their boundaries, such as whether or not they're considering a sexual relationship.
  •  Some sugar babies ask for a monthly allowance, while other get 'expenses' in the form of glam holidays and shopping sprees.
  •  Like Chloe, a growing number of sugar babies are university students, who turn to their 'daddy' to pay their fees
  • The key difference between sugar babies and escorts is that a sugar daddy relationship is a regular arrangement

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