Taurus horoscope: What your star sign has in store for July 17 to 23 | The Sun

APR 21 – MAY 21

If you feel you talk a lot yet never say what you really mean, the love planet is changing this now – and setting the zodiac stage for honest, open-hearted connections. So yes, do make time for calm togetherness. 

If you’re single, your dream date helps other express themselves. 

With Mars firing up personal courage, nothing and no one scares you this week!

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DESTINY DAYS You’re the support a friend or workmate needs on Wednesday, so do put yourself forward. 

Mix up family names or numbers on Thursday and sample a new kind of entertainment on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS A picture that reminds you of a personal turning point. 
The fourth person you say hello to, on day four.   A former medical

SUMMER HEALTH SPA Try not to get so far into “the zone” in thinking or learning that you forget to care for your body.  Mix up breakfast menus to start the day with a buzz.

TAROT CHALLENGE This week you’ve drawn a loving, generous card with a strong link to the world of nature, and growing things. 

The EMPRESS promises harmony right through your life, but from proper negotiation and discussion, not people-pleasing and side-stepping difficult situations. 

Cash, knowledge and family size can all be set to increase.

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