The best leggings to buy ahead of this summer

FINDING the perfect pair of leggings can be a daunting task.

Fashionable and functional gym kit is now serious business as more women like to feel supported yet stylish during their workout.

Of course, the gym isn’t a fashion show but everyone feels most at ease and confident when they look good.

To save you some effort, we've rounded up our favourites leggings and tights that are good for working out or for the days when you simply don't want to wear pants.

While the best performing leggings tended to be on the pricier side, there are also some budget options out there if you don't want to spend a fortune on a new gym kit.

Forget old, faded gym gear. Look your best while you sweat with this selection of colourful leggings from Reebok, Nike and Under Armour that are sure to add a little fun into your workout.

WOR Meet You There engineered tights

  • WOR Meet You There engineered tights, £34.95, Reebook – buy here

Add some attitude to your gym look with these Meet You There leggings from Reebok.

With their cool design, you can easily wear them to the gym or for your post-work out brunch.

They're made with Speedwick fabric which sweeps away sweat so you stay dry whether you're squatting, jumping or running.

At £34.95, they are one of the most affordable models in our round-up that will still stand the test of time.

WOR Meet You There Dot Alt leggings

  • WOR meet you there Dot Alt leggings, £34.95, Reebook, – buy here

Similar to the previous model, the standout print on these  leggings brings bold attitude to your workout look.

According to the retailer, they are ideal for use in training of any intensity and  will keep you feeling comfortable and fresh no matter how hard you push yourself.

The material used in the tights is able to stretch and then return to its previous position without any lasting damage.

This should  allow you to feel confident during any exercise, as you will be able to complete strenuous movements without having to worry about any damage being caused to the tights.

Nike Epic Lux – Women's Printed Running Tights

  • Epic Lux women's printed running tights, £79.95, Nike – buy here

We love this eye-catching style from Nike.

The high-waist design and shorter inseam helps eliminate any chance of slipping and bunching, which can be unfortunate drawbacks of many pairs of tights.

They also boast a roomy zipper pocket in the back— just the right size to fit your keys and iPhone during your run.

At just under £80, they are one of the most expensive tights in our round-up, so stay away if you prefer to spend your money elsewhere.

Nike Sportswear NSW, Women's Leggings

  • Nike Sportswear NSW, Women's Leggings, £54.95, Nike – buy here

Edgy yet sophisticated, Nike's new women's NSW collection is built for all occasions and features their high-quality construction praised by fitness fans.

The elastic stirrups help hold the leggings in place even when you're jumping.

If you're planning to use them for running, bear in mind that these don't have a back pocket, probably their biggest disadvantage.

But if you're looking for leggings with a bit of throwback style, this is the ideal pair for you.

Hurley Quick-Dry,Women's Floral Surf Leggings

  • Hurley Quick-Dry,Women's Floral Surf Leggings, £60.95, Nike- buy here

Who said you can't look feminine while exercising?

The Hurley floral women's surf leggings are made of comfortable stretch fabric that is sure to support you all day long.

Meanwhile, their super quick dry fabric allows you to go from the sea to the sand in a matter of moments.

Fashionable and functional, their floral design is sure to make you standout on the beach

  • Nike One, Women's Printed 7/8 Training Tights, £39.95, Nike – buy here

Not all fitness fans have the cash or want to buy separate leggings for wearing on the run, in the gym and to lunch – and this is something Nike recognises in their latest  ‘Nike One’ collection.

Designed for “all-day wear, not just your workout” the high-waisted leggings are supportive yet comfortable.

They will be perfect whether you’re going for your morning run, or lounging on your couch in front of Netflix.

Their disadvantage? They lack a zipped pocket for your essentials, so you might still need to wear a running belt for long runs.

Women's HeatGear Armour Ankle Crop Print

  • Women's HeatGear Armour Ankle Crop Print, £45, Under Armour, buy here

The super-breathable fabric on these leggings wicks sweat and regulates body temperature so you feel cooler, drier, and lighter than ever.

An ideal companion if you're into high intensity workouts, its lightweight construction delivers relentless support without compromising your comfort.

At £45 they are bit pricy, but we think they might be worth the investment for gym regulars

Women's UA Breathelux Ankle Crop Ink Formation Print

  • Women's UA Breathelux Ankle Crop Ink Formation Print, £105, Under Armour – buy here

If you like bold prints and have a bit of cash to spend these are for you.

These next-to-skin leggings from Under Armour offer comfort without the squeeze.

Their high-rise waist design means they give you the relentless coverage and the support you'll need for your next spin class.

Again, if you're not a gym regular it's probably better to opt for one of the cheaper option on our round-up.

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